How Do You Like Your Ice?

…shaved, crushed, cubes?

Everything looks more or less on track.  However, I’m puzzled as to why we’re calling off after school activities today, but I suppose somebody get’s big bucks to make that decision.  As to timing of onset, things in Raleigh shouldn’t begin in earnest until after 10 this evening. There will continue to be a couple of passing showers and areas of drizzle, though. The main precip shield hasn’t even developed yet.  When it does, nowcasting it’s arrival should be much easier.  Then overnight the majority of the precip will fall in the form of freezing rain with some sleet mixing in, especially north.


And I’m thinking to maybe dial back the ‘sweet spot’ totals I mentioned to up to .4″ with the next band of counties to the west to up to .25″.  These aren’t really material changes in terms of impacts, but I wanted to dial the totals to reflect what’s more likely, rather than what is possible.  Again, once the precip shield develops this evening we should be able to get a good handle on it, as opposed to believing a bunch of 0s and 1s some oversized calculator is crunching.



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  1. 3:07 PM, January 13, 2015Chris Harrell  / Reply

    Is it spring yet?? I’m ready for my flip flops!

  2. 3:29 PM, January 13, 2015Lowell Gutridge  / Reply

    Completely unrelated to the weather but I just realized that you can control the direction of the snowflakes on the screen by moving the mouse!!

  3. 3:57 PM, January 13, 2015Kat Moncol  / Reply

    I questioned the school thing too, but then thought that those grown ups need to shop for bread too 🙂

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