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What’s Next?

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow, even if we were robbed of a couple inches.  And what better thing to do than look ahead to the next event… Things begin to warm up such that a beautiful weekend is in … Continue reading

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And Snow It Begins…

Things still look on target for snow to begin in the Triangle between 3:30 and 4:30pm. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves before the first flake falls, but some of the short-term/high-res ‘nowcast’ modeling is indicating the potential for higher … Continue reading

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Happy Snow Day! In a continuation of the theme from last night, it would seem that southern sections (like FAY) will be influenced by a mid-level intrusion of warmer air such that a period of sleet and possibly some freezing … Continue reading

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Steady as She Snows

Not much in the way of changes in the thinking for the event.  A couple of points, tho…maybe, in general, more moisture farther west, which also implies a little more mid-level warm air in the south and at the coast. … Continue reading

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The Trend is Your Friend

Last post was before the Euro came in.  Thought you’d like to see the comparison of snow totals from last night’s run (top) to this AM’s (bottom).  Note that this uses a standard 10:1 ratio for snow conversion, so you … Continue reading

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Run to the Grocery!

The picture is becoming more clear with more consistency among the different models as to how the event will evolve, even as exact QPF morphologies may differ.  This is to say with growing confidence, accumulating snow is likely from the … Continue reading

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Beware When the Models Go Gangbusters

Quick note to say that the latest 0Z American models continue with their over-the-top fantasies of what would be an historic snowstorm for eastern NC.  It’s a great dream that we can all have fun pretending will happen, but realistically, … Continue reading

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Confidence Increasing for Mid-Week Snow

Lots of questions still to be nailed down, but if you live from the Triangle and east, the chances to see snow late Tues and Wed are increasing.  This looks to be the rare Eastern NC special.  A couple of … Continue reading

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Wide Right or Thru the Goal Posts?

A quick update on the mid-week event… This has always been the case of how close to the coast will the surface low track and consequently, how far west will the moisture shield extend.  For a couple of run cycles … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Snow Busy

I’m sorry to have not been commenting on the weather of late…combination of busyness and vacation, coupled with the fact that there really has been nothing to comment on from a snow perspective.  Until now… So let the snow mongering … Continue reading

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