It’s All Over But the Cryin’

First off, the apology…as advertised from the beginning, the question for this event was to be the precip.  As it turns out, the much bemoaned and berated GFS will win the battle of the small QPF reality.  The primary area of precip is heading off to the northeast toward Norfolk now.  As expected, the max ice accruals will be just north/east of Raleigh.  However the totals across the board will be less than half of what was expected.

Of course, this is all good news from a safety and disruption standpoint…but not so good from a ‘i changed my plans’ perspective.  Again, apologies for my being fooled on this one.

So for the remainder of tonight…the major precip is done.  There will continue to be showers of freezing rain, freezing drizzle and perhaps even some sleet later on as more cold air works in the column.  These showers should prove to be little or no consequence.  So most places near Raleigh should end up with a glaze to a tenth of ice at most.

Looking forward…we’ll have a warm up over the next week before turning back cold end of next week into the last week of Jan.


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  1. 8:20 AM, January 14, 2015Jack Stone  / Reply

    I would like to receive your notifications

  2. 8:23 AM, January 14, 2015Cal Naughton, Jr.  / Reply

    No worries Mike, I wet my bed until I was nineteen. There’s no shame in that.

  3. 9:43 AM, January 14, 2015Kat Moncol  / Reply

    No prob! Was thrilled to have all my trees and power this morning 🙂

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