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Squall Line on Our Backdoor

Don’t be fooled by the sun and blue skies.  If anything this just adds fuel to the fire.  The main line of storms will affect Raleigh close to 5pm.  Expect strong gusty winds (even outside of the storms), could be some hail, and we’ll monitor any spin ups for the possibility of a tornado or two.  Obviously, there is that possibility as evidenced by several already observed today.

Once this line moves through your area with will clear behind and the severe threat will be gone.  Although remember that winds may still gust above 40 mph and with rain swollen ground trees can uproot more easily.

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Severe Threat Imminent

Today’s potential for severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and strong winds has been well advertised in the local media.  Hopefully everyone will be extra attentive today to warnings when they are issued.

The greatest threat will be from Raleigh and points east, however that doesn’t mean there will be a magical line akin to NC winter weather setups where you can rest easy to the west.

This AM’s cold air is being scoured out as warm air rushes in behind a couple of warm fronts from the south. (The temp at RDU rose 9° in the last hour!).  This should rocket temps thru the 60s and into the low 70s by lunch.  Showers and thunderstorms will increase in coverage thru the morning.  The main threat of severe storms in Raleigh looks to be between 12 and 5pm.  And there could be two rounds before things head east thru dinner time.  Yes there is the potential for tornadoes, but in general a greater number of people stand to be affected by strong straight-line winds inside AND outside of the thunderstorms.  So don’t think that you got off easy if you “just get” a severe t-storm warning  and not the tornado warming.  The winds will be gusty this afternoon anyway with gust 40-50mph, and the t-storms will enhance these even more.

I expect to see a tornado watch issued shortly.  So, stay alert and heed the warnings!

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Line of T-Storms to Impact Triangle this Eve

A developing line of thunderstorms is moving east out of the Triad, where the airport in Greensboro just reported a wind gust of 61 mph.  It depends on just where you fall in the line as to the impact that your backyard will receive.  It’s blue skies now, but the storms will roll into the Triangle near 7 and after.  Heads up!

Whistle Down the Wind

Squall line is entering western Wake Co. now with gusts in excess of 50 mph.  Get inside and be safe!

Roll Up Your Knickers, It’s Gonna Be Hot!

The weather for tomorrow’s golf outing still looks great…just a little hotter than it first appeared it might be.

After a chilly early morning low in the low 50s, we should see plenty of sun with temperatures approaching 80 by tee time at high noon.  The temperature will continue to rise through the afternoon, popping up to a high of 88 around 4pm.  And throughout the day as the temperature rises, you will also feel it become more muggy and summer-like with an influx of moisture.  Our current dewpoints in the low 40s this afternoon will increase to about 60 tomorrow afternoon, roughly doubling the amount of water vapor in the air.

It’s the first real taste of summer.  You know the drill…wear light colored clothing, drink plenty of water and put on the sunscreen.

Good luck!

Beautiful Weather for Golf on Wednesday!

After a couple of unseasonably chilly starts over the several mornings (especially Tues AM), we should be treated to an ideal spring day on Wednesday for Hayes Barton UMC’s 3rd  ‘A Golfing Disaster’ Tournament.

My job will be an especially easy one this time around with the forecast for the tee time.  High pressure will be in control and we can expect mostly sunny skies with high right around 80°.  

There is still time to sneak under the wire and add your name to our list of golfers.  Register before tonight to support this important disaster missions fundraiser!



Hayes Barton UMC ‘A Golfing Disaster’ Tournament

We are pleased to announce that WeatherTrex.com has been named the exclusive  provider of weather forecasts for Hayes Barton UMC’s 3rd Annual ‘A Golfing Disaster’ Tournament coming up next Wed, May 15th at beautiful Lonnie Poole Golf Course on the NC State University Campus.

Under the agreement, WeatherTrex.com will provide weather forecasts in the days leading up to the event and nowcasting on game day from the shotgun start.  The first outlook will be issued over the weekend, and golfers can access WeatherTrex.com during the event on their mobile devices for updates as necessary.

There is still time to register your foursome or become a sponsor yourself for this important fundraiser that enables us to quickly respond to the devastation in the wake of the next looming natural disaster.

To sign up to play visit:


To sign up as a sponsor visit:


2013 Golf Disaster Promo



I’m sorry couldn’t post earlier on the severe weather threat…i had a major production this evening.

Obviously, it’s windy.  There is low-level jet with winds of up to 80mph just a couple thousand feet above the ground.  The entrainment of this energy down the ground, ahead of the cold front, is what is causing the high straight-line winds ahead of the storms in the squall line.  Winds outside of thunderstorms and the main squall line will continue to gust more than 40mph.  In the Triangle, we’ll expect the squall line to parade through in the next hour or so.  Higher wind gusts should be expected in this line…although the most recent history of this line has been to NOT realize its potential in mixing the high momentum air to the ground.  Still, we should be alert to the possibility of hurricane force gusts in the squall line as it passes.

Behind the front, it turns decidedly cold.  No more 70s!  Tomorrow in the 40s and Friday just 30s for highs.  Then, we can expect a couple of clipper systems to rotate thru.  Perhaps they could produce a snow flurry or two over the weekend.  Don’t run out to buy bread and milk for these!

What the Hack?!?!

WeatherTrex was hacked before Christmas and had to be wiped clean to start over.  If you were previously a subscriber, you will have to reregister if you would like to continue receiving emails when a new post is published.