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Next Round

The back edge of the steady precipitation shield is exiting the Triangle now.  There will be a lull for a bit before the next more showery, quasi-convective band makes it’s way thru this evening.  This band should be accompanied by … Continue reading

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The ‘I’ce Have It

Looks like Raleigh has taken another perfectly good snow opportunity and thrown it down the tubes for an ice storm.  I feel like Lucy has just ripped the football out from us again. Oh well, it is what it is. At least the … Continue reading

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Steady as She Snows…

…and Ices! I’m happy to make this short and sweet this evening.  While we have this latest model, and that latest model…the guidance balances out to warrant holding steady with my current thinking.  With that said, it’s worth reiterating that the … Continue reading

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Major Winter Storm Imminent

As complicated a forecast as this is for central NC, I’m thankful to not have to worry so much about the battle raging over the northern extent of the major snow axis in the Megalopolis! At midday, I’m comfortable with … Continue reading

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Short Update

NAM was warm…a definite outlier.  If it is a contrarian, I’ll trust it when we’re 12-24 hrs out, which is close…but remember last year’s debacle in NYC for the feet of snow that never came. The GFS was qualitatively the same…steady as she … Continue reading

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Evening Musings

Hope you enjoyed the quick snow flurry this evening…just a harbinger of things to come! No new information yet as the evening model runs will trickle in over the late evening, but there a couple of other points to drive home … Continue reading

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Time to ‘Watch’

The NWS has issued a Winter Storm Watch, so let the games begin. First, it should be noted that the numerical modeling has been pretty good with its handling of the storm over the past several days.  Not that there haven’t … Continue reading

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Today’s Snow

I’m working on a more comprehensive treatment of Friday’s storm and will have that out soon. First up, though, a quick note about this afternoon/evening’s show showers…we should expect some flurries in the next couple hours ahead of a more organized band … Continue reading

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Caught Looking Ahead

In bad form akin to say the Panthers looking beyond the Cardinals to the Super Bowl…I failed to address tomorrow’s snow potential while dreaming of the bigger deal down the road. Quickly…the air is quite dry.  Tomorrow we have a weakening … Continue reading

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One Run Doth Not Make a Forecast…

…but it sure can stir one’s hope.  The new 12Z Euro is just what winter weather lovers want to see in NC and VA. I don’t want to go on about details of this model run and that model run because … Continue reading

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