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Irma… Hard Right

I apologize for being late to the game in commenting on Irma.  It’s only now that impacts to NC will begin to come into focus for the incredible storm that is nearly 5 days out. The coverage in the media … Continue reading

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Winter Returns?

And so…let the snow lovers begin to wish and hope for the potential of winning the snow lottery this weekend. There will be a strong tight gradient between arctic air to the north and unseasonably warm air to the south.  A … Continue reading

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Snow Cream Crunch!

A quick update as a blanket response to the thousand questions I’m getting about ‘the latest’. To specifically address Wake Co. and Triangle…yes, it does look like the transition zone will be over or very close to Wake Co. during the middle … Continue reading

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Addressing the Sleet Fear

It’s true.  The short-term, finer scale NAM and many mesoscale (local) models that are initialed off the NAM, push the warm tongue inland thru Wake Co., resulting in a prolonged period of sleet before snow completes the storm. A couple of points: … Continue reading

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I have to make this short and sweet… While there remain some quantitative differences among the various models as to the morphology of the precipitation shield, there is a consensus we will see a significant winter storm beginning tomorrow evening and … Continue reading

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Quick Midnight Update

I’m interested to see how the model runs come in this cycle and over the next two, particularly.  The upper level energy that will fuel our weekend winter event is just now being sampled on the West Coast tonight.  Preliminary … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! PLINKO IS THE NAME OF THE GAME We all remember Plinko from The Price Is Right, don’t we?  And now there’s a new show, ‘The Wall’, that’s basically high-tech Plinko.  In case you have no idea what … Continue reading

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Dark Side of the Moon

If Matthew is listening to a playlist, right now he’s probably playing (Pink) Floyd. (insert groan) Thankfully, the eyewall of Matthew has maintained just offshore through FL.  As it moves northward, I still like the idea that it tracks over water or just … Continue reading

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Matthew is poised to graze Florida’s Space Coast early tomorrow morning as a category 4 hurricane.  There is still much debate at this late hour as to whether it actually penetrates inland or remains slightly offshore.  It’s the trickiest of forecasts with … Continue reading

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Matthew…so complicated

I suppose it’s time to weigh in on Matthew. I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking for an update, saying that I’ve been silent.  Not really.  Twitter is a fairly effective tool for quick bursts of info.  And so, I encourage you … Continue reading

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