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MINOR Icing Sunday AM

Yes, it looks like there will be some minor icing tomorrow AM.  But this will not be a major event, if fact there should be few if any problems in the Triangle.  It looks like the rain will be light … Continue reading

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11:45 update

Happy Snow! If nothing else, it’s pretty! Heavy snow will arrive in Wake Co. over the next 2 hours. Wake County looks to be just on ‘the line’.  Southern Wake might only achieve 3, 4, 5″? while northern Wake may achieve 8-10 … Continue reading

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Epic Snow

At the risk of ‘jumping the shark’…sing this to yourself…(to the tune of Let It Go) Epic snow, Epic snow! Can’t hold it off anymore Epic snow, Epic snow By the end you’ll scream…no more!   The snowstorm that many … Continue reading

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No Changes

The same caveats from earlier apply…we’ll see if we stay 100% snow for the event to realize max snow totals. Tomorrow should be a good opportunity to get out during the day.  No trouble until late night Wed.

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The Now and Later

ABOUT THE NOW… From an accumulation point of view, a call of a dusting to an inch wasn’t too bad.  The better call was to bite on the later guidance suggesting slightly heavier amounts and call it 1/2 – 2″.  Today’s … Continue reading

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So Many Variables to Consider

Let’s deal with tomorrow first… In interpreting meteorological model data, the saying goes…the trend is your friend.  Over the last 24 hrs, clearly, the trend has been to strengthen the first surface low farther westward.  So much so, that this evening’s American … Continue reading

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Today has gone according to plan, but perhaps I have not been giving enough credit to the potential for snow for tomorrow.  As I mentioned last night, the southern stream is very active with various waves blipping along. As they round the … Continue reading

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The Signal and the Noise

Forgive me Nate Silver for my title ripoff. (but it’s really a great book…especially if you like weather, baseball and politics!) The noise part…over the past couple of days, the numerical modeling for the upcoming week has been all over … Continue reading

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4:45 Update

That was fun.  The initial lighter snow showers came thru on schedule about 4. The next band is the heavier more substantial band.  It is just moving into Durham now.  It should arrive in Raleigh by 5:15 or so depending … Continue reading

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Arctic Front This Afternoon with Snow Squalls

Bitter cold air arrives tonight behind the arctic front that will be accompanied by gusty winds and the possibility of a moderate to heavy snow squall for the lucky.  The sun has done a great job this afternoon warming up the … Continue reading

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