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It’s All Over But the Cryin’

First off, the apology…as advertised from the beginning, the question for this event was to be the precip.  As it turns out, the much bemoaned and berated GFS will win the battle of the small QPF reality.  The primary area … Continue reading

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How Do You Like Your Ice?

…shaved, crushed, cubes? Everything looks more or less on track.  However, I’m puzzled as to why we’re calling off after school activities today, but I suppose somebody get’s big bucks to make that decision.  As to timing of onset, things … Continue reading

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Significant Icing More Likely

Quick update… Overnight models have trended wetter with the GFS finally on board.  The new 12 NAM is in and continues bullish for significant event. Particularly Raleigh and north and east should see the most problems.  Heading towards Durham and … Continue reading

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Ice Event Wed Morning

It’s been a while since there’s been much to talk about in terms of wintry weather for Raleigh (aside from a quick blast of boo chilly air last week).  So today, in between monsoonal downpours, we are watching the potential for a … Continue reading

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