Significant Icing More Likely

Quick update…

Overnight models have trended wetter with the GFS finally on board.  The new 12 NAM is in and continues bullish for significant event.

Particularly Raleigh and north and east should see the most problems.  Heading towards Durham and west they should have less icing.  The axis of heaviest moisture will be along the I-95 corridor and east.  So there will be the sweet spot of heaviest ice accumulations that balances the cold to the west and moisture to the east.  This looks most likely to be in Wayne, Wilson, Nash and Halifax counties where ice accumulations will be up to .5″.  Then the line of counties the west of that…Harnett, Johnston, Wake, Franklin Warren, Vance should see accumulation up to .3″. Then west of there, up to .1″.


Remember that .25″ is a good guideline for when an ice storm becomes bad in terms of downed trees and limbs and widespread power outages.  Further exacerbating this event will be the fact that the ground is very wet from a lot of rain yesterday and even this season.  So we may see more uprooted trees than normal with this storm.

You’ll see the NWS upgrade the winter storm watch to a warning this afternoon.  So, now is a good time to begin making alternate plans for tomorrow.  Also check to make sure you have extra batteries,etc…  Oh and don’t forget to buy lots of bread, milk and beer! 😉

More updates as more model data comes in.

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  1. 10:40 AM, January 13, 2015Jonathan  / Reply

    Mike, when do you expect the icing to start?

  2. 11:04 AM, January 13, 2015Karrie  / Reply

    Pitt County?

  3. 12:31 PM, January 13, 2015trex  / Reply

    Jonathan…light spotty drizzle will continue thru the afternoon and become showery this later this evening. things pick up toward midnight and into the overnight.

    Karrie…Pitt Co. will be battling the warm air. The farther west and north in the county the more likely to see accumulating freezing rain

  4. 1:48 PM, January 13, 2015Lyn flammia  / Reply

    Please add me to your emails. Thanks

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