Winter Arrives Early

I figured I should turn the snow showers on for the webpage…

Happy start to winter!  Don’t worry what the calendar says.  Next week a monster arctic high (especially for Nov) invades the US with A LOT of cold air.  Cold temps arrive here at the end of the week, and then could there be an over-running situation late Fri or Sat?!  something frozen?!

It’s a long way off and lots to debate over the next week, but what looks like a great bet is the cold!

Oh, and watch out for one more round of mod to heavy showers with maybe a clap of thunder before the night is out.

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  1. 8:42 PM, November 6, 2014Dudley Gwaltney  / Reply

    The Iceman Cometh

  2. 11:14 PM, November 6, 2014Kat Moncol  / Reply

    Much to David’s dismay, I said as much about next weekend tonight too. Keep us posted. My Vermont weather stick is only accurate when it’s covered with the actual frozen stuff 😉

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