Gizzard Blizzard?

Ok, no Thanksgiving blizzard for Raleigh, but maybe there will be some snow in NC on Wednesday with the potential for some hefty snow in the Mid-Atlantic and NorthEast to make for a ‘gizzard blizzard’!

There is mounting evidence to suggest the possibility of a wet snow event in central NC late Tuesday and Wednesday.  The cold will be marginal, but heavier precip rates might be able to overcome warm boundary layer temps.  Alternatively, we could have everyone’s favorite…a cold 35° rain.

Still a lot of uncertainty and variety of solutions to study.  At this point the euro ensembles give it a 1 in 3 shot of measurable snow.  The operational GFS has been bullish for the past couple runs, but it’s interesting to see that the beta version of the new GFS upgrade which has been performing well, isn’t biting…yet.



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