I’m sorry couldn’t post earlier on the severe weather threat…i had a major production this evening.

Obviously, it’s windy.  There is low-level jet with winds of up to 80mph just a couple thousand feet above the ground.  The entrainment of this energy down the ground, ahead of the cold front, is what is causing the high straight-line winds ahead of the storms in the squall line.  Winds outside of thunderstorms and the main squall line will continue to gust more than 40mph.  In the Triangle, we’ll expect the squall line to parade through in the next hour or so.  Higher wind gusts should be expected in this line…although the most recent history of this line has been to NOT realize its potential in mixing the high momentum air to the ground.  Still, we should be alert to the possibility of hurricane force gusts in the squall line as it passes.

Behind the front, it turns decidedly cold.  No more 70s!  Tomorrow in the 40s and Friday just 30s for highs.  Then, we can expect a couple of clipper systems to rotate thru.  Perhaps they could produce a snow flurry or two over the weekend.  Don’t run out to buy bread and milk for these!

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