Snow Shower

Looks like the flurry I advertised a couple days back will come to fruition this evening and then again with another impulse overnight.    Again, nothing to run to the store about, just enough flakes to be pretty.  There is a little snow in Greensboro and a broken line of flurries should move thru Raleigh by 6:30 or so.  Then, later on tonight, maybe 11-12, another band of snow showers rotates thru.  This band may be a little more impressive, but still nothing to get worked up about.  Enjoy!

Up next, late Tuesday into Wednesday, there is a remote chance that a northern stream disturbance would hook up with a southern stream wave for coastal cyclogenesis, but at this time it looks like they won’t phase, which leaves us seasonal and dry.




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  1. 6:22 PM, February 2, 2013Yes Girl  / Reply

    Your intrepid reporter in the field enjoyed the flurries in G’boro.

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