There Once Was a Little Boy…

I’m just in from working offline and a little astonished to find WCPSS has a 3-hr delay tomorrow.  Indulge me here…

Once upon a time, let’s say back in 1977, a 4-year old boy lived in far away land…let’s say, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  He was an active, vibrant youngster who loved to run and play trucks, but would also give the biggest hugs.  One day at preschool, the children had just come in from an exhausting stint on the playground (with special fun on those dangerous monkey bars) to settle down at the tables for a tasty spring snack of grapes and cheese.  Our little friend loved cheese, and loved grapes even more.  So, he gobbled the snacks all down.  Except, wait.  Something was wrong.  One of the grapes was stuck in throat!  His teacher ran over, popped him on the back, and seconds later a half-chewed grape lay strewn on the table.  The little guy perked up, asked for seconds and was back on the playground hanging upside down from the monkey bars a half hour later.  But news of the horrible incident spread, and from that day forward, all grapes in preschool were to be cut in half…

Ok, so I’m being silly, and I’m not good with odds…but I would say the odds of this event causing accidents are really, really, really small.  So much so that I could write a similar fable as above about a little boy who traversed out into the scary elements only to find the one icy patch in the county.

All this to say that there could be an icy spot on a bridge or two….maybe…but to upheave 150,000 students plus teachers seems ultra cautious.  I’m expecting the precip to be spotty, short-lived and light…no more than a hundredth of an inch or two.  Most locations will not see more than a trace of precip.  Sigh.  But exciting for the kids to sleep in later tomorrow.

Final rant, it’s funny to me that they delayed schools 3 hrs when the NWS official advisory expires at 9am.  Whatever, I guess it’s easy to criticize when you’re not in charge.

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  1. 7:51 AM, January 28, 2013Travis  / Reply

    I saw a piece of ice behind the shed under a bush in my yard.

  2. 11:23 AM, January 28, 2013Duane  / Reply

    You know, Trex, buses start routes at around 5:30am (for high school), so a 3-hour delay would make sense in regards to the advisory… =)

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