Quick Midnight Update

I’m interested to see how the model runs come in this cycle and over the next two, particularly.  The upper level energy that will fuel our weekend winter event is just now being sampled on the West Coast tonight.  Preliminary indications show that our thinking is on point.

I’m going to hold off defining snow accumulation zones until early afternoon tomorrow.  However, I will say this…I’m fairly confident that 2″ in Raleigh is a lock.  4-6″ is a prudent forecast.  6-8″ is not really a stretch.  More than 8″+ is possible…not likely.  (Of course, to the alternative, you have to consider that the forecast could bust to the low side.  Best estimation to the low end is 1-2″)

For now, it’s safe to put big money on white ground cover from Durham, East and North.  We’ll sort out details tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. 7:28 AM, January 5, 2017Allison Jimenez  / Reply

    Yay! Finally a true, decent snow! Tx, Mike!

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