Short Update

NAM was warm…a definite outlier.  If it is a contrarian, I’ll trust it when we’re 12-24 hrs out, which is close…but remember last year’s debacle in NYC for the feet of snow that never came.

The GFS was qualitatively the same…steady as she goes.

Euro won’t come in until after 1am.  imgname-assessing_the_future_of_venture_capitalism-50226711-flickr_2521098846Other thoughts…

Friday AM, I bet we’ll start to fret over Gulf Coast convection that may ‘rob’ northern moisture transport.

Then, Friday night we have to worry about dry slotting, which is likely to happen.  Following, the question becomes…will there be the elusive ‘wrap around’ snow showers as the storm exits?

Points to ponder.

More infö tomorrow…





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  1. 9:40 AM, January 21, 2016Denise  / Reply

    I don’t even know half of these terms but I read every post obsessively anyway.

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