And Snow It Begins…

Things still look on target for snow to begin in the Triangle between 3:30 and 4:30pm.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves before the first flake falls, but some of the short-term/high-res ‘nowcast’ modeling is indicating the potential for higher totals in the the Triangle, especially Wake county.  Let’s not up our totals just yet, but just say that the 12Z Euro came in a little wetter, and now the RAP is more bullish.  So while the large totals are still a longer shot, there are decent chances on the table for a major event this far west.

Just for fun, and because I know you children like pictures…here is the RAP snowfall accumulation map that assumes a ratio of 10:1.  Remember that I’m expecting ratios at 12 to 15:1.  So, if this solution verified you can bump the Raleigh value of 7-8″ up to 9″-12″.  (for reference the first purple contour is 7″, the dark blue is 3″…again, assuming a 10:1 ratio)

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 2.19.09 PM

Again, I show you this kind of stuff just for fun.  This is not a forecast.  Just an example of one of many products that the meteorologist has to ingest before coming up with a forecast.

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  1. 2:59 PM, January 28, 2014Jomama  / Reply

    Ha. I just realized I can change the direction of the snow on your website by dragging my mouse back and forth. Funnnnnnn.

  2. 3:39 PM, January 28, 2014Mom  / Reply

    CG began to see fine snow falling about 2:30PM. Deck is white and yard is getting a bit whiter in some areas. CG trucks were out before daylight preparing the roads.

  3. 3:48 PM, January 28, 2014Amanda  / Reply

    We live on the Harnett/Wake Co line…. Excited to see how this all turns out! My sister and nephew are in town from FL and this will be his first snow! Excited! Thanks for all your updates!

  4. 4:31 PM, January 28, 2014KShea  / Reply

    thoughts on lower totals? It still hasn’t started snowing!

  5. 6:06 PM, January 28, 2014Jeff  / Reply

    No snow here in Holly Springs, 6:00 pm. The wait is killing me!

  6. 7:41 PM, January 28, 2014Matt  / Reply

    Sleet only in Greenville. Skeptical on the accumulation predictions, but it’s going to be an icy mess!

  7. 8:09 PM, January 28, 2014Nancy  / Reply

    Really coming down hard in Clayton, NC .. everything is covered and beautiful until you have to get out in it … great site

  8. 9:12 PM, January 28, 2014Sara  / Reply

    Any update on expected totals?

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