Happy Snow Day!

In a continuation of the theme from last night, it would seem that southern sections (like FAY) will be influenced by a mid-level intrusion of warmer air such that a period of sleet and possibly some freezing rain will reduce their snow totals.  At the same time, this influx means more overall moisture transport farther westward.  So, what looked like a sharp back edge to the snow totals a couple of days ago, now looks more broad.  There still looks to be a relatively sharp axis where generally light snows will ramp up to a band of heavy snow in northeastern NC.  There is some concern about just how dry this arctic air mass is and the loss of some snow totals that will go to saturating it.  Fair enough. Just another of the questions that linger as we get warmed up in the pregame.

Here’s my new outline…5-7″ in central Raleigh, tapering to 3-4″ in Durham, back to 1-3″ in INT/GSO.  Then going east, we ramp up from Rocky Mount to the Tidewater where it’s 8″ up to 12″+.  For the second storm in a row, the big winners are in northeast NE.

You see the theme here…farther east more snow…farther south more sleet.  We’ll see how this all plays out this afternoon after kick-off.


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  1. 11:18 AM, January 28, 2014David  / Reply

    When is kick off for central Raleigh?

  2. 11:55 AM, January 28, 2014Jeff  / Reply

    More prediction graphs!! Seriously though thats for the updates, can’t wait to go play in the snow!

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