All of the snow is over.  And a lot of the sleet is probably done (especially south of Raleigh), although it could mix in from time to time, especially at the onset of the next round of precip, set to arrive in Raleigh by 2:30.  Indicators now show the potential for the remainder of this event to take the form of a significant ice storm where glazing could accumulate to 1/4″.  Temps are solidly locked into the mid 20s and will remain there.  This will make for easy accrual of ice on most everything, including untreated roads.  If we start to  approach 1/4″, then we’ll begin to see problems with trees coming down and power outages.  If we see more sleet at the beginning and less freezing rain, we may only realize a little more than .1″ of ice, which is better for the power situation, but worse for the roads.  This is more likely from Raleigh and north.  But eventually, everyone goes to freezing rain and gets some glaze.  Watching…


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  1. 4:25 PM, January 25, 2013Steve Brown  / Reply

    Doesn’t look good????

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