Monkey in the Middle?

As we’re about to get the party started, wintry precip is breaking out all over the deep south coastal areas.

The short term modeling is now suggesting that the inland precip shield may dissipate in favor of the precip band on the western edge of the bombing offshore cyclone.  Meaning that the snow moving northward thru GA and SC might begin to dissipate as is moves into the southern Piedmont of NC as moisture and energy is transferred to the developing precip band directly associated with the rapidly deepening storm.  So, there could be a relative minimum between these two, which would leave Wake Co as the monkey in the middle.  This, as opposed to that band coming out of SC holding together a little farther north, while the eastern band forms just a little farther west.

Still too early to make any major pronouncements, as it’s a developing situation…literally.  Greenville to Norfolk still looks to be the sweet spot.  But for Wake Co., probably more like a dusting to an inch, with those higher total scenarios, while not off the table, certainly looking more sketchy.  Remember, though, that the ground is very cold and just a little snow will go a long way in making travel slick very quickly.


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  1. 12:57 PM, January 3, 2018Kat Moncol  / Reply

    Any ideas as to when it might start around here? Like you say, a little goes a long way and I’d like my peeps safe before. Thanks Mike for all the informing you do ❤️☃️❄️

  2. 1:10 PM, January 3, 2018James Noe  / Reply

    Thanks as always for your prompt and detailed updates!

  3. 5:23 PM, January 3, 2018Jeff  / Reply

    Indeed, Thank you. We love your updates!

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