Severe Threat Imminent

Today’s potential for severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and strong winds has been well advertised in the local media.  Hopefully everyone will be extra attentive today to warnings when they are issued.

The greatest threat will be from Raleigh and points east, however that doesn’t mean there will be a magical line akin to NC winter weather setups where you can rest easy to the west.

This AM’s cold air is being scoured out as warm air rushes in behind a couple of warm fronts from the south. (The temp at RDU rose 9° in the last hour!).  This should rocket temps thru the 60s and into the low 70s by lunch.  Showers and thunderstorms will increase in coverage thru the morning.  The main threat of severe storms in Raleigh looks to be between 12 and 5pm.  And there could be two rounds before things head east thru dinner time.  Yes there is the potential for tornadoes, but in general a greater number of people stand to be affected by strong straight-line winds inside AND outside of the thunderstorms.  So don’t think that you got off easy if you “just get” a severe t-storm warning  and not the tornado warming.  The winds will be gusty this afternoon anyway with gust 40-50mph, and the t-storms will enhance these even more.

I expect to see a tornado watch issued shortly.  So, stay alert and heed the warnings!

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  1. 12:55 PM, February 24, 2016Dianne Beattie  / Reply

    Thank you so much Mike for keeping us up to date and alert. Dianne

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