Next Round

The back edge of the steady precipitation shield is exiting the Triangle now.  There will be a lull for a bit before the next more showery, quasi-convective band makes it’s way thru this evening.  This band should be accompanied by moderate to heavy sleet/snow showers and even a rumble of thunder to two.  In fact, since it will be dark, you’ll probably be able to see the lightning go cloud to cloud.

So, expecte sleet and freezing rain in the lighter showers and when the precip rates pick up in the convective cells that’s when you’ll see a snow/sleet mix.  There could be another inch or so of accumulation, plus the potential for another tenth or so of glazing before things wind down later tonight.

Then tomorrow expect to see off and on flurries with the potential for a dusting to an inch or so more snow.

Enjoy the winter wonderland!  The glazing of the trees is really beautiful (until it crashes on your house, of course!)

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  1. 5:35 PM, January 22, 2016Kathy Blair  / Reply

    Thanks so much for your ongoing reports! Really enjoy how you explain a very complicated situation so even I can understand it! Appreciate all of your hard work and lively discussions! In Garner we’re sitting in listening to tree limbs popping and our lights flickering on and off! Memories of ice storm many years ago…ugh!!!

  2. 9:17 PM, January 22, 2016John & Kathy Davis  / Reply

    Kathy and I have enjoyed your reporting/writing. Your cheerful style is especially appreciated in a profession dominated by meteorologically-correct doppler geeks with their confusing shop-talk weather speak. Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed. : )

  3. 7:29 AM, January 24, 2016Coleman Blake  / Reply

    Where can I find the track of the low associated with the recent storm? What was the lowest pressure recorded for this storm?

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