Today’s Snow

I’m working on a more comprehensive treatment of Friday’s storm and will have that out soon.

First up, though, a quick note about this afternoon/evening’s show showers…we should expect some flurries in the next couple hours ahead of a more organized band of snow showers that should impact the Triangle closer to dinner time.  Again, this will mostly be spectacle snow, but there could be a few bursts that would get some lucky folks a 1/2″ maybe?  The sun will have set and it’s been cold, so there could be some slick spots out there.  Take it easy. (Glenn Frey, RIP)

more soon…

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  1. 3:38 PM, January 20, 2016Chris Harrell  / Reply

    As Joy mentioned earlier, just no ice please!

  2. 10:43 PM, January 20, 2016Jane Walz  / Reply

    No snow, good show, no ice would be nice

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