Yes, It Will Snow…

…but rain is the more likely p-type.

With boundary layer temperatures several degrees above freezing, it will take heavier bouts of precip to drive any mix with or change to snow.  And while the axis of heavier moisture looks confined east of I-95, it wouldn’t take much to back it into Raleigh as the coastal low develops off Hatteras.

So, I’ll stick with cold rain, sometimes mixed with snow, and probably even a shower where it’s all snow for a while…but not enough to accumulate on any roads…lucky to accumulate on elevated surfaces north of the Triangle.  All this with the caveat to that everything evolves with the deep moisture to the east.  We’ll monitor and see.

That’s for us.  But more exciting will be to watch this storm bomb out up the coast with hurricane forces winds on Cape Cod.

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  1. 9:05 PM, July 2, 2014Hardin Sigmon  / Reply

    Can’t seem to log onto the site … What am I doing wrong?

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