Here It Comes

The NWS is issuing an advisory in this next update package that will run thru tomorrow AM for most of the area.  We will continue to see a mixed bag of wintry precip thru the evening and overnight on a showery basis.  In general, the harder it precips the more likely you would be to see snow or sleet vs. freezing rain or drizzle. For most, this will just be a nuisance event with minor ice accrual in the trees and elevated surfaces.  Ground temps are still way warm, so accumulation there will be difficult except under heavier bursts of sleet, which are possible, but won’t be widespread.  The fly in the ointment would be if areas like Wake Co. held on to substantial precip for longer, in which case things might be a little worse than expected.  You see, the axis of heaviest precip overnight and into tomorrow AM will be east and toward the costal plain. We’ll see how it plays out.

The winter that won’t die…

…and speaking of winter continuing, there’s another cold shot coming for the latter half of the weekend into next week 😉

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