The patrons are heading back in from the lobby as the entr’acte begins to play ahead of Act III…

For reference, my totals so far from the first two acts are 4.1″ snow, .4″ of sleet and .2″ of ice accrual.  The warming to freezing and just above in the eastern part of the Triangle helped tremendously in limiting ice accruals to just a couple tenths.  Hence, just spotty power outages this AM.

We should see the final bout of snow move in from west to east near lunchtime.  Heavy bursts of snow will be seen with some quick accumulations.  The best chances for highest totals are north of the Triangle, but the convective nature of these snow showers will mean that locally there could be some heavier amounts…think summertime thunderstorms and the localized nature of heavy rains with them.

1-2″ in Raleigh is a pretty good bet.  But again, with 1-2″/hour accumulation rates in these snow bursts, we could overachieve. I’ll monitor as it moves in and nowcast, as necessary.

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  1. 9:44 AM, February 13, 2014Mary Whitney  / Reply

    We just lost power 🙁

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