I Wonder If the Triangle Will Be in the ‘Sleet’ Spot

Watching the American models come in tonight, I’m wondering if maybe the Triangle might end up in the ‘sleet’ spot.  Here’s my train of thought.  I wonder if there will be a relative low in ‘inches of stuff on the ground’ in between the heftier snow totals to the west and the ice accrual glazing to the east.  So if there is zone which ends up staying for a prolonged period as sleet, then maybe it actually works out with lower snow/sleet totals and less of the dangerous icing.  I’m not saying I know the answer here.  Just pondering.  Now question this would be a preferable solution with far fewer power outages.

At this point, we’ll just leave the current outline as is, but perhaps the snow might be overdone in favor of more sleet and freezing rain.  Let’s look at the new Euro tonight.  And then perhaps more exacting might be tomorrow AM’s run cycle when have the benefit of initializations with the storm already in progress.  Although, it should be noted that this evening’s runs had the benefit of supplemental hurricane hunter aircraft data from a special mission flown to improve the accuracy of the data-poor analysis over the Gulf of Mexico.

Fun Stuff!

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  1. 7:46 AM, February 12, 2014Duane  / Reply

    I remember getting ~2 inches of pure sleet (early 90’s?). That was interesting stuff.

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