The Trend is Your Friend

Last post was before the Euro came in.  Thought you’d like to see the comparison of snow totals from last night’s run (top) to this AM’s (bottom).  Note that this uses a standard 10:1 ratio for snow conversion, so you might expect a little higher totals on the western edge if the the QPF verified.Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.15.15 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.13.35 PM

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  1. 2:03 PM, January 27, 2014Allison Jimenez  / Reply

    I think this crowd is packing up and heading to Wilson!

  2. 7:06 PM, January 27, 2014Carl Malpass  / Reply

    Mike – I’m scheduled to fly into RDU tomorrow night @ 11:51. What are my chances?

  3. 7:22 PM, January 27, 2014trex  / Reply

    good luck, carl. at least the airport’s on the west side, that should help you. midnight will be when everything is winding down around Raleigh. i would have a contingency.

  4. 7:25 PM, January 27, 2014KathyP.  / Reply

    Not that I want to shoot the messenger, but…..I wish I could shut this show DOWN. I am OVER it!! BAH HUMBUG!!

  5. 7:55 PM, January 27, 2014Kim Collie  / Reply

    What time will things get started tomorrow in Raleigh? I am to be in Chapel Hill and will need to get back.

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