Roll Up Your Knickers, It’s Gonna Be Hot!

The weather for tomorrow’s golf outing still looks great…just a little hotter than it first appeared it might be.

After a chilly early morning low in the low 50s, we should see plenty of sun with temperatures approaching 80 by tee time at high noon.  The temperature will continue to rise through the afternoon, popping up to a high of 88 around 4pm.  And throughout the day as the temperature rises, you will also feel it become more muggy and summer-like with an influx of moisture.  Our current dewpoints in the low 40s this afternoon will increase to about 60 tomorrow afternoon, roughly doubling the amount of water vapor in the air.

It’s the first real taste of summer.  You know the drill…wear light colored clothing, drink plenty of water and put on the sunscreen.

Good luck!

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