30 Years Ago…

…a certain ‘Cinderella Team’ began its march to an unlikely National Championship.  But does anyone remember another significant Cinderella story during that run?

That was Raleigh’s last big late-season snow…over 7 inches on March 24th.

Here we are 30 years later.  I say it’s time for a repeat on both accounts!  Here’s to some wishful thinking!

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 11.46.57 AM

For fun…here’s one model’s snow accumulation ending 3/24/13.  Plenty of time to fret over this.  Just something to watch for now.  I’m sure I don’t have to remind you how difficult it would be to pull this off so late in the season…

But hey, if the glass slipper fits…!!!

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  1. 1:36 PM, March 18, 2013ellen shintay  / Reply

    i was on Hillsboro street in 1974 after every step of that March march! I kept my shirt on though. Anyone who says i didn’t is lying or was drunk. wait a minute, I may have been drunk. at least that is not my picture in the yearbook.

  2. 3:29 PM, March 18, 2013Louise  / Reply

    You’d better hope not, ’cause it’ll mess up Palm Sunday and the Durafle.

  3. 4:37 PM, March 18, 2013David Coster  / Reply

    Along with most meteorologists you are 50% correct. It is indeed time for a major late-season event–the white kind, not the red and white kind!

  4. 5:14 PM, March 18, 2013Kathy  / Reply

    I remember several snows on my birthday as a kid!! March 30th.

  5. 11:29 PM, March 18, 2013Patti  / Reply

    And we did have thunder tonight

  6. 12:49 AM, March 23, 2013Jonathan  / Reply

    Any update?

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