The Snow March Begins

Let the hype begin!

Now that we’re talking about day 6 in the forecast, you’ll see the media outlets feel like they can utter the dreaded 4-letter S word.  The modeling on this one has been remarkably consistent for a couple of days now for feature at the 10-day range.  Of course, the exact track will ultimately determine precip type and how much of it.  This storm will come from the west and intensify at the coast.  Lots of details to figure out, so at this point it’s just something to factor into your Wednesday planning contingencies.  Your next question is probably…”could this be a ‘good’ snow?”  The answer is…yes, there is potential there for a several inch event.  That being said, there is the potential for the classic NC 35° rain.  And I’ll add on that there is also actually the potential that the storm track is suppressed so far south that this turns into a SC snow instead of NC.

One last thing…yesterday, I was reminded of the difficulty of getting it to snow in March in NC when I got into my truck that had been sitting in the sun all day…hot.  The sun angle is getting pretty high now, so you have to have a steady supply of fresh cold air to make the magic happen this late in the year.  And if it does happen, a lot of times the snow comes, is pretty, and  then is gone before you blink your eyes….which is probably a nice thing for a lot of people.

Oh and I forgot to talk about this weekend…yes, there may be a sprinkle or a flurry Sat PM.  Nothing to worry about for that one.  Save your grocery money for next Wednesday 😉

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