Sticky Situation

It’s a beautiful snow here in Raleigh as the big wet flakes are now piling up on everything but the roads.  And that will continue to be the situation until late this afternoon and evening when the real cold air arrives.  The enhanced precipitation rates over Wake Co. in particular have done an excellent job of dynamically cooling the air temp to just above freezing.  So, as long as it continues to snow at least moderately, the accumulating snow will win the battle over warm antecedent ground temps and the diffuse insolation thru the clouds.  This first wave of snow should taper off this afternoon and then the debate really becomes how much if any precip shows back up late afternoon and evening in association with the developing low off the coast.  The likely bet for now is that it’s nothing more that a couple of snow showers, but it’s a situation that needs to be watched, especially for NE NC toward Roanoke Rapids and Va. Beach.

For now, enjoy the snow!

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  1. 11:53 AM, February 16, 2013Rebecca Page  / Reply

    Flakes as big as any I’ve ever seen! Lovely. Order this more often

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