Split Decision

There’s more disagreement on this weekend’s snow than there is in the U.S. Congress.  And also like Congress, there may no deal cut until the final hour.

But…the trend has been to form the storm closer to the coast and therefore produce more precip farther west.  We’ll probably see the precip begin as rain and transition over the snow.  The best bet for accumulation in Raleigh is 1-2″ and I could see 3 happening.  Higher precip amounts NW and west could result in more snow toward Rocky Mount and Roanoke Rapids, but the cold air will take longer to get there.  So, you would be fighting that battle to balance the two.  As ground temps are high and it’s currently a lovely 61 at RDU, accumulation will happen last (if at all) on the roads.

As I said last night, this could swing either way on a dime.  And it’s this type of situation that feeds the fire that meteorologists are roasted over.  Here’s to some BBQ!

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