Storms and Rumors of Storms

In hindsight, the blizzard in the northeast on Saturday looks to be the opening zinger in an Ed Sullivan-like parade of acts for the Eastern US over the next week to ten days.

What is clear at this point is the first shot will come overnight Wed in the form of a moderate snow event for northern VA and DC thru Jersey, maybe up to Long Island.  For NC, we’ll see more rain…a 1/2″ in the Triangle to an 1″+ south to ILM late tonight into Wed.

Then, things get murky with the potential for coastal cyclogenesis late Saturday into Sunday.  The numerical guidance is are all over the place to the range of possibilities.  It does look like there’s a decent chance that Raleigh could at least see a flurry, but as to ‘weather’ or not this evolves into a major East Coast storm or not…  It will be something to watch over the next couple of days.  Depending on how this evolves it could end up being an eastern NC special.  Unfortunately, the Euro is not in this camp.

Then, mid next week,  there maybe another wave that evolves into an East Coast storm…but probably north of NC.

So, it’s an active pattern.  Enjoy the snow? and rumors of snow!

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