Trim It Back

Moisture really looks starved for tomorrow.  So, for the second dance in a row, it looks like the guest of honor won’t show.  For a good portion of central NC, I think this will play out as a couple of snow and sleet showers that will in some places accumulate enough for a dusting to a half inch, and other places not even that.  Actually the locations that will stand the best chance of getting and inch or so look to be from Rocky Mount northeastward.  It’s ashamed to waste all this perfectly great cold air…alas, it is NC.

Next week we thaw out with the possibility of highs flirting with 70, before the cold returns.  And it could be another significant cold spell thru the first half of Feb.  Perhaps more chances for the elusive snow then.

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  1. 12:21 PM, January 24, 2013Martha Lowrance  / Reply

    Mike, do you think Durham will get snow in the early to middle part of the day tomorrow? I’m asking for a friend who has a meeting there during that part of the day. Thanks.

  2. 1:13 PM, January 24, 2013davidk  / Reply

    So sad that moisture isn’t coming to the dance … and so sad for those waiting for a shave…

  3. 11:37 PM, January 24, 2013Anne Doyle  / Reply

    Just let it be white stuff falling.

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