Bang for the Buck

As I, and everyone else it seems, have said, the limiting factor with this next round of winter is moisture.  The range of possibilities for the Triangle are from a couple of spotty snow or sleet showers that dust the surface, to a band or two of heavier precip that lay down a couple of inches.  Right now, at best I could wishcast 2-3 inches in Raleigh.  For those who love to see white stuff on the ground, the good news is that antecedent conditions are so cold that pretty much whatever falls should stay there, making for easy accumulation.  The question will be…how much moisture is available to overcome the very dry air in place.  I can see the potential for how this could swing for enhanced QPF, but really that’s just wishful thinking at this point.  My first call for Raleigh is 1″ of frozen ‘stuff’…snow and sleet…maybe some frozen drizzle on the back end.  Remember though that this event will begin after lunch on Friday and continue thru the evening to impact rush hour, so it may cause disproportionate headache to the depth of accumulation.

More tomorrow.

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