The Dance

Last dance, I asked ‘Cold’ if she’d come, because I knew I was bringing the wet.  This go round, I’m asking ‘Wet’ to the dance, because I’m bringing the cold.

Last week, we had a lot of moisture with only marginal cold.  This time it looks like we’ll have plenty of cold air (at the surface, at least), but an abundance of moisture is the question with Friday’s system.  In fact, the extent to which the air mass in place will be cold and quite dry makes me fear this will be one of those events that we agonize over available moisture…how much it takes to saturate the dry in situ air vs. what’s left over for ice accumulation.   You know the drill…we see radar echoes roll in from the west, patiently waiting for them to reach the ground, only to end up with a spotty sleet shower or two.

There’s lots of time to figure this out, so we’ll patiently follow the trends.  To clarify timeframe…probably beginning Friday, early afternoon.

So, here’s me hoping that ‘Wet’ shows up this time.  But I’m a little dejected lately, with ‘Cold’ just flirting last time and what about that preseason-advertised Wolfpack?  Yes, they’ll dance, but will they be special?





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